Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Le Marche (Part 1)

After an extremely busy week back at work, Le Marche seems to be a distant memory – how I would love to be back at Ramuse looking out over the lush scenery, the sound of a cuckoo in the background and sipping on a chilled glass of Cherri Pecorino wondering what Paolo has up his sleeve for dinner. I really do hope that one day we will be able to get back there…

Pic: Admiring the view from Ramuse overa glass of wine

So why Le Marche? Well it all started with Sash stumbling across what appeared a random site (Le Marche Holidays) on the internet claiming to offer truffle hunting. We both love mushroom hunting, and have always dreamed about the logical progression to truffle hunting – bigger stakes, harder to find. It is only recently possible to hunt truffles in SA but this is all on private land on commercial ventures with inoculated trees and no “hunting” tours are offered that I am aware of. Anyway, it was always a dream to do this in Europe and preferably Italy.

Pic: The Sibillini Mountains

I was a little dubious initially, but the site claimed that Heston Blumenthal had visited the area and then after corresponding with Moreno at Le Marche Holidays, we decided to go for it. And, we weren’t disappointed! Le Marche has to be one on the most beautiful places I have ever been (not that I am well travelled, although Cape Town is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world), and to make the experience even more special, Moreno has to be one of the most passionate people I have ever met – he literally eats and breathes Le Marche, always referring to it as “his area” and bubbles information about this and that type of food, and the special Rosa Sibillini apples that he and his father grow. Le Marche may not be the most famous and touristy place in Italy, but Moreno is working hard to show the world its magic!

Pic: Moreno, our tour guide

Moreno went out of his way to make our trip unforgettable, even organizing to pick us up and drop us off at the closest train station (about an hour’s drive away). He grew up in Comunanza and, as a result, has contacts throughout the surrounding area and will arrange a host of activities to suit any budget. For us he arranged the accommodation at Ramuse Agriturisomo, the truffle hunting near Montefortino just under the Sibillini Mountains , a tour to a local shoe maker and a pasta making course with a real Italian mamma!

More to follow...

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