Saturday, July 18, 2009

Magic Aroma

Things have been a bit quiet around here recently. After buying our first house, we have had some big changes in our routine to get used to. That along with a never ending stream of visitors and out of town family and a serious dent in our eating out budget has put on hold somewhat our dining out.

After closely following JP Roussouws (Magica Roma is one of a handful of restaurants in CT given 3 Stars) recent eating escapades (and living though them vicariously) along with some strong recommendations from friends, Sash and I finally paid Magica Roma a visit. This however was not the first time we have had food from here (it is 5 minutes drive from home and the only place for takeaway pizza - recommend the Margherita with buffala mozarella and fresh basil).

Luckily for us we were able to make a last minute reservation and were soon seated eagerly awaiting our first course - Lumache alla Veneta (Snails in garlic, parsley, wine & tomato served with polenta). For a change is was wonderful to appreciate the delicate flavour of Snails which are normally overpowered by the excessive garlic and white sauce they are predominantly accompanied with. Here the subtle flavours were well balanced with the tomato and herbs, while the polenta provided a delectable accompaniment.

For mains we were somewhat undecided and so enlisted the help of our waiter. He soon called over one of the owners who was eager to assist. I was looking for something with porcini to which he recommended a rissoto. Sash felt for seafood and decided on a combination of Sole Meunier with a Con Moscardoni topping (calamari tentacles, chilli & garlic sauce). Both were very good and confirmed the many recommendations! We rounded off our meal with an ambrosial Panna Cotta.

Can't wait to go back and try more from here!

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