Monday, November 24, 2008

Root Canal

As all working class people know, Saturday mornings are the only time to perform mundane but necessary household chores. For us this means a visit to Root Canal (aka Canal Walk). Fortuitously there lies some respite and reward for wading through the endless masses – Cape Town Fish Market’s Sushi bar. Now bear with me for a second before dismissing this as I do realise that the Sushi aficionados out there are already preparing our lynch ropes! CTFM has become a refuge within the weekend ruckus; the service is always warm, friendly and efficient (ask for Teddy – he will ensure that your request for a glass of wine becomes a bottle!).

CTFM’s Sushi offering may not appeal to the traditionalist, but it is oh so delicious. Our recommendations are the seared tuna sashimi, the tempura Norwegian salmon fashion sandwiches and to finish off the tempura squid.


  1. Lovely writing :) Oh, how I love Sushi! Recently made the mistake of going to a Sushi bar after a climbing workout. 10 plates or so later I had racked up an enormous bill!

    Sushi should be savoured not wolfed!! hehehe.

  2. As of last night, I can highly recommend Fsh restaurant in Rosebank in Jhb. Excellent sushi, nice vibe. The other mains look excellent too. Admittedly it's probably a little too far for you to drive for a sarturday morning mission though.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys - Yip sushi is great! In fact was inspired enough to go to CTFM for dinner last night. Our new favourite is the seared tuna hand roll - yum!